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Dental Implants in Houston TX

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Dental Implants in Houston TX

Dental Implants in Houston TX

An incomplete smile leaves you feeling self-conscious about showing it off. Beyond the cosmetic issue, your other teeth can shift when one or more are lost. That means discomfort and possibly having your jaws become misaligned. Even your chewing could be affected. And that may make your digestion less efficient. What to do? Here at Dentistry on Kirby, we are pleased to offer our dental implants in Houston TX so that you can experience what it’s like to have a full set of great-looking and functioning teeth once more.

Dental implants are one of the three major type of full-tooth restorations. Bridges and dentures have been around longer, but they have certain drawbacks that are unavoidable. Implants eliminate those negative aspects entirely. You will not need messy and unreliable adhesive to hold them in. Your other teeth remain unaffected. And you can chew, laugh, and speak with full confidence. That’s because our dental implants in Houston TX look, feel, and act like real teeth. They are made of two basic parts: the titanium post that serves the role of a root, and the crown that is cemented to the top of it. In order to be considered a good candidate, you will need to have basically healthy gums and a jaw bone that is thick enough to support the post. With some simple tests, we can make that determination. Fortunately, bone grafting can be utilized if your jaw bone does not meet the standard. As a result, most people will find that they are eligible to get our dental implants in Houston TX. There are a few more potential concerns, such as being a smoker or being diabetic. But those will not necessarily disqualify you. Let our implant dentist discuss your unique situation with you and what effect it may have on your ability to get implants.

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Three Dental Implants

We had a patient come in needing three dental implants. On the lower left side, one tooth was badly decayed, and the other was entirely missing. We put in an implant and a crown for each.

On the lower right hand side, there was a gap which the patient wanted to fix, so we put in a single implant there.

Multiple Tooth Implants by Dr. Taylor

This patient came in with a root canal in one tooth, one tooth that was completely missing and the last one was crocked. Dr. Taylor of Dentistry on Kirby removed two teeth – the tooth with the root canal, and the tooth that was crocked – and he placed three implants as seen below. The patient has no more pain!

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