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Teeth whitening in Houston

Houston dentist

Houston dentist

Whether done in our office by our Houston dentist, or at home by you, using custom-made whitening trays, you can get the brighter smile you’ve been wanting. It’s quick, effective, and most of all, safe. At Dentistry on Kirby, we make it a priority to offer all of the valuable services you need to have healthy, strong, and great-looking teeth.

Why not just buy a product off a store shelf? Well, there is certainly no shortage of them. Pretty much every supermarket and drug store has them. But there are three aspects of them that you should be aware of. First, they are generally not designed to turn discolored teeth white in the first place; they are more suited for maintenance. Second, if you get generic whitening trays, they won’t fit you with the precision and comfort that you get when they are made just for you. And third, many over-the-counter options contain abrasive ingredients that can harm your tooth enamel. So turn to our Houston dentist instead. If you decide to have it done in-office, you’ll experience whiter teeth in just about an hour. And if you would like the convenience of doing it yourself at home, impressions will be taken for your trays, that you will wear for two or three hours per night for about two to three weeks, after which you will come back to have our Houston dentist check your progress. There is no doubt that teeth whitening can improve your self-esteem and confidence as much as having stained and discolored teeth can cause the opposite effect. The results you get can last from a year to even several years, depending on how well you maintain them and what habits you have. For example, smoking is just one example of how the effects of whitening can be shortened.

Schedule an appointment. Call us today, and soon you will be enjoying the benefits of whiter teeth.

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