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Houston Local Dentist

Teeth cleanings in Houston

Houston local dentist

Houston local dentist

If you have not had a dental exam over the past six months, you will want to come to our practice, Dentistry on Kirby, to see our Houston local dentist, Dr. Chad Taylor, for a complete dental exam.

Having dental exams every six months is simply a smart thing to do. Not only will it allow you to find out if you have any dental problems that need to be treated, but it can also save you money. This is because it is much easier to treat dental problems while they are still small, rather than wait until they are larger problems which are more difficult and more expensive to treat. When you come to our dental practice for a dental exam, you will probably have a full set of x-rays taken, depending on the last time x-rays were taken. Our dentist will review the x-rays as well as your teeth to make sure you are not developing any dental cavities. Our dentist will also review the x-rays to make sure that there are no cavities developing between the teeth, or that any problems are occurring beneath the gum lines. Your teeth will also be reviewed for signs of teeth grinding, cracks, or other problems. Our dentist will also thoroughly review your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. Our dentist will also check your jaw to see if you are experiencing any problems with TMJ or teeth grinding. And, our Houston local dentist will review your gums to make sure you are not developing any problems with gum disease. If our dentist finds that your gums have gingivitis, a common precursor to gum disease, it will most likely be recommended that you have several regular dental cleanings over the coming months to help your gums return to good health. Making sure that you have a dental exam every six months is a great way to make sure that small dental problems never develop into larger ones.

For an appointment to see our Houston local dentist for a complete dental exam, contact us today.

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