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Dental exam Houston TX

Dental exam Houston TX

Our dental exam in Houston TX includes a visual inspection of your teeth along with x-rays, a gum disease evaluation, and a screening for oral cancer. Visits to us at Dentistry on Kirby two times per year are essential for promoting and maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums. And while prevention is our number one priority, early detection is the next best thing.

A checkup of your teeth will reveal any loose teeth, filings, or other restorations. Not every concern, of course, can be determined that way, which is why x-rays are so vital. Not only can even small cavities be found, but so can the presence of cysts and other possible problems. Don’t forget that today’s small cavity can become a larger one, and pout you at increased risk for an infection or a weakened tooth. Root canal or an extraction may be in your future if the situation is not addressed. By coming in for our dental exam in Houston TX every six months, simple issues do not have the chance to become complex ones. Gum disease occurs from the effects of plaque and tartar, initially causing redness and irritation in the form of gingivitis, the early stage of the disease. Our gum disease evaluations are designed to stop its progress, which can be done at that point with a teeth cleaning (or two in more stubborn cases). Unchecked, gum disease can eventually threaten your gums, bone tissue, and even your teeth, when it reaches the advanced stage of periodontitis. And the benefit of an oral cancer screening is rather obvious. If you do have signs of cancer in the general mouth area, the more quickly you are diagnosed and treated, the more likely it is that you can expect a positive outcome.

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